What is Firebolt?

Firebolt is a service provided by Rdytogo that will help maintain your WordPress website and stay up to date. We'll do all the work on the backend so that you can stay focused on your business.

Our services include updates, backups, making changes, security, antivirus, SSL, CDN, and more.


Always Stay Up to Date

Let Firebolt update your plugins and themes for you. As you know, sometimes plugin updates can go wrong and mess up your website. With Firebolt on the job, you can be at ease knowing that when plugin conflicts occur we will resolve them for you


Never lose your website

Rest assured knowing that you have a complete website back for when that rainy day comes along. Unlike backups that your website hosting company offers, Firebolt backups are backed up to an off-site storage location that is secure and can be restored to any compatible hosting service.


Need a touch-up?

It's true, you can make a quick change to the info on your website, but why? With Firebolt on your side, your first hour of website revision work each month is free. Tired of paying your current web team just to change a phone number or business hours on your website? Tired of waiting forever for them to make the change? Let Firebolt do it for you.


Affordable maintenance

Firebolt also offers Cloudflare as means to help keep your website fast with reliable security.


Firebolt is partnered with Cloudflare to provide state-of-the-art website protection. With the firewall in place, the bad guys are not even allowed to visit your website, let alone mess with it. All website traffic, good or bad, is funneled through our firewall and when a known hacker is found, they are turned away like a bouncer at a dance club


With Firebolt's partnership with Cloudflare, we can step in when your website hosting company is having a bad day. We make a copy of your website on our servers every few days.  This way, when your website is having a bad day and goes down, your website visitors will get our copy instead. No more losing customers because your website isn't powerful enough.


Tired of not having a secure website? Browsers will even tell your customers that your website is not secure. With the Cloudflare Universal SSL, Firebolt can put an end to your insecurity. This will give your website visitors more confidence in your website because they see that you have done the extra work to ensure their trust.

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Skyrocket your connection

People hate slow websites. Most people will leave your website if it takes too long to load. Firebolt will help you speed your website up. We will run a report before we start, and one when we have improved your website performance. You will have verifiable speed improvements.


Make sure you're secured

Just like your computer, websites can get viruses. No worries, Firebolt will install and configure the basic Wordfence plugin to scan for viruses and block invalid login attempts. We will install Jetpack and configure it to prevent malicious attacks on your website.


Getting to know your traffic

If you do not have a Google analytics account we will set one up for you. This will help you learn about the traffic coming to your website. You can see when, people visit your website, how many, what language they speak and where they are from. Additionally, Firebolt will install an activity logger to your website to log security and other stats.